Great Expectations
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Great Expectations

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Chapter 1 In The Churchyard
My name is Philip Pirrip, but as a child I could not say my name.I called myself Pip, and that has been my name ever since.
I never knew my mother and father. They both died when I was a baby.I was brought up by my only sister, who was married to a blacksmith, Joe Gargery.
My story begins on a cold, grey winter afternoon in the chuchyard where my parents are buried. I would often go to their graves and look down at the words on their gravestone "Philip Pirrip and Georgiana, Wife of the Above". I was a sensitive and lonely child and was often sad.
The marshes beyond the churchyard were grey. The river beyond the marshes was a darker line of grey. A bitter wind was blowing across the marshes from the sea.The graveyard was a dark and frightening place.
I shivered. Cold and afraid, I began to cry.
"Quiet, you little devil! cried a terrible voice."Keep still- or I'll cut you throat!" A rough-loooking man had taken hold of me. He held me tightly by the neck."Oh, don´t cut my throat, sir" I cried."Please, don´t!"
The man´s rough grey clothes were torn and muddy. Like me, he was shivering with cold. His shoes were old and broken. He had a torn piece of cloth tied round his head. And his eyes were wild and terrible.
"Tell me your name, the man growled." Tell me.Quick!"
"Pip, sir. Pip," I answered.
"Show me where you live," The terrible man demanded.
I pointed towards our village, which was about a mile away from the churchyard.The man stared at me for a moment.Then, with a sudden movement, he picked me up and turned me upside down. A piece of bread fell out of my pocket.The pushed me onto a gravestone. Then he grabbed the bread and began eating greedily.
I sat on the gravestone where he had put me, shivering and crying with fear."Now, tell me, where´s your mother?" the man in grey asked suddenly. "there, sir," I answered, pointing over his shoulder to my mother´s grave.The man looked behind him and started to run.
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